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Labor and Employment Law In PA

labor and employment law

Campbell Durrant, P.C. specializes in public sector, labor and employment law in Pennsylvania. Although we work with a variety of clients, our work is concentrated in the public sector. We understand that the largest portion of a governmental employer’s expenses are tied to personnel. Therefore, issues affecting employment and personnel costs can be significant. That's where we come in. Our experienced staff and attorneys can greatly affect a successful outcome in these matters.

Campbell Durrant, P.C. provides management with a full range of services including human resource counseling, employment litigation defense and representation in labor relations matters. Our representation includes:

  • Collective bargaining negotiations and contract administration

  • Strategies and training to avoid union elections and consultation during union organization efforts

  • Representation before labor arbitrators (Act 111, Act 195 and grievance arbitration)

  • Representation before the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and the National Labor Relations Board in certification, decertification and unfair labor practice proceedings

  • Training of supervisors and management to increase efficiency and minimize liability exposure, including training on harassment, discipline, discharge and other policies developed for the purposes of minimizing exposure to litigation

  • Defense of claims made under Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FLSA, FMLA, OSHA, Veterans’ Preference Act, state employment laws, wrongful discharge claims, defamation, constitutional claims, civil rights claims and other employment related lawsuits

  • Pension and benefit issues including plan changes and defense of benefit claims

  • Development and revision of employee handbooks or personnel policy manuals

  • Developing hiring, merit selection, promotion and performance evaluation systems that minimize liability exposure

  • Development of job descriptions

  • Human resources audits

Municipal Law/School Law:

Our lawyers serve as solicitor or special counsel to a number of municipalities, authorities and school districts. This representation involves any number of the following areas:

  • Contracts and procurement

  • Land use and development

  • Zoning

  • Consultation regarding compliance with the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act and the Open Records Act

  • Consultation regarding applicable municipal or school statutes and regulations

  • Negotiation of intergovernmental cooperation agreements

  • Acquisition or disposition of personal and real property

  • Representation in matters involving sanitary sewer, storm water and water distribution systems

  • Representation of school districts in matters relating to pupil discipline, teacher tenure, employee discipline, furlough, school safety, and negotiation of superintendent contracts

Administrative Law:

In an area that is often closely related to our labor and employment and municipal/school law practices, we are frequently before administrative agencies dealing with a number of issues including:

  • Federal and state labor departments on wage and hour issues, fair pay issues, portal-to-portal pay issues and issues arising under the FMLA.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, or local commissions established for the investigation of discrimination complaints.

  • Zoning hearing boards, local agencies, and state and local civil service commissions.

  • Municipal boards or hearing officers appointed to conduct hearings under the Pennsylvania Local Agency Law.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Auditor General relative to municipal pension audits or before local agencies to defend against benefit claims.

  • Representation of zoning hearing boards, civil service commissioners, or municipal councils, commissioners and boards responsible for conducting hearings.

  • Defense of unemployment compensation claims.

Appellate Law:

Our appellate law practice is extensive, particularly given the size of our law firm. This heightened level of activity derives from two main sources. First, in Pennsylvania, appeals from most administrative agencies proceed directly to the courts for administrative review. Second, with respect to litigation in both the state and federal courts, our skillful use of pre-trial, mid-trial, and post-trial motions, targeting discreet and controlling legal issues, preserves important aspects of a case for appellate review. Our appellate representation includes:

  • Defense of judgments entered in state and federal courts as a matter of law on motions to dismiss, preliminary objections, motions for summary judgment, directed verdict or judgment notwithstanding verdict.

  • Representation in state and federal appellate courts following a jury verdict.

  • Representation before the Pennsylvania Commonwealth and Supreme Courts in appeals from administrative proceedings including appeals from local agency adjudications, decisions of the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, civil service commission proceedings, and appeals from decisions of the Secretary of Education.

  • Representation of entities as interveners or as amicus curiae in appellate litigation.